Dalis Pro electric air source heat pump and storage tank

With an A+ energy rating, the Rointe Dalis Pro unvented electric heat pump and storage tank is an all-in-one system, designed for high-efficiency production of domestic hot water.

This efficient air source heat pump utilises heat transfer technology and rotary compression to extract heat from the air outside, ensuring the highest possible energy efficiency class.

Easy to install, this advanced air to water heat pump system is the ideal partner to electric radiators for a complete low carbon heating and hot water system, or as a standalone system.

· Nominal power: 1500 W
· Air source
· COP according to EN 16147-2017 A7/W55: 2.8 | 3.0
· Low noise emission – 53dB
· Anti-legionella disinfection cycle
· 24/7 programming
· Boost function
· Safety thermostat
· Thermal circuit breaker with auto reset
· Enamelled steel tank with magnesium anode
· Compatible with or without exchanger (solar PV connection)
· Size: 600 (di) x 1,721 (h) mm (200 L) | 600 (di) x 2,011 (h) mm (260 L)
· Maximum working pressure: 8 bars
· Guarantee: 5 years tank | 2 years electronics
· Suitable for 3 – 6 users