Quantum Storage Heaters into a 4 Bedroom 1960’s House in Wandsworth

This house had old style 30 year old Dimplex storage heaters in every room.  A couple of them no longer worked and the remainder were losing there heat by 7-8pm in the evening.  We recommended the Dimplex Quantum RF to give good economical heat and easy accurate controls.  These heaters aren’t a cheap option but they are the best storage heaters on the market.

During the work we repositioned a couple of the heaters to more convenient locations and replaced the old 30 year old fuseboard with a new up to current regulations consumer unit.

"' The 2 chaps fitting the heaters did a neat and tidy job. The heaters are a massive improvement on the old Dimplex heaters. We just need to get the App set up now!'"

Charles W - Wandsworth