A family home in Dulwich – new vertical Aeroflow radiators and an unvented direct hot water cylinder

This 1970’s house in Dulwich, South London has an old gas powered Warm air unit that supplied heat to rooms via a big fan heater on the ground floor blowing warm air through a vent system.  The Warm air unit was on its last legs (it was 50 years old!!).    This system was removed and the cupboard that housed the unit converted into storage.

The new heating system was Aeroflow Clay Core heaters.  We ran new electrical supplies for 6 new radiators, 5 of the vertical AF10 1600w type and one of the Aeroflow AF03 1300W type.  This type of heater perform well in older homes and offer some decent efficiency when used correctly.  For the bathroom we supplied and fitted a terma LEO 1800 x 500, a big towel rail capable of heating the room and drying towels.

HOT WATER: The house had a vented indirect hot water system, the type with a cylinder and then a cold water feeder tank above.  As a family they needed a lot of hot water so we replaced it with a 150L unvented direct which gives them great pressure on the hot and cold water.   This type of system doesn’t need a cold water feeder tank so we removed this freeing up even more potential storage space.

The end result was a carbon free heating and hot water system when used in conjuction with their suppliers renewable tariff.