Digi-Line radiators in retirement property in Sanderstead, Surrey.

This flat was on a lovely retirement complex of 40 flats in Sanderstead.  The flats had been constructed in the 1970’s and this particular flat still had the original storage heaters and hot water cylinder.  The flat was being refurished and the client didn’t like the look of the old bulk storage heaters and felt that she needed an option to have more on demand heat in particular rooms.

The client had always had ‘wet’ central heating in her previous homes so was looking for something that looked similar.  The digiline range worked well and the reduced height 300mm radiators fittied neatly under the larger window.

These heaters do come with optional central/wifi controls but this client preferred to operate them all from the in built thermostat/timer on each radiator.  The client set up the living room and bathroom to keep at a constant 21 degrees while the bedroom were timed to come on at night and in the morning.

"The installations went smoothly and I am very pleased with my new heaters."

Susan S - Sanderstead, Surrey