Ecostrad Adesso Horizontal Metallic Black Radiators – Bermondsey SE1

This job took us to the lovely Circle in Bermondsey SE1 again.  We have installed new electric radiators in a number of the flats here.

This time it was the Ecostrad Allora Horizontal Anthracite Radiators.  Our first time fitting this new line.  Lovely looking radiators but extremely heavy.  A 2 man job to get these on the wall.  Your fittings have to be very secure in the wall or they will just pull out.

We removed the existing panel heaters, adjusted the position of the fused spurs and securely fitted the Alloras.

The customer is really please with the job and the look of the radiators (and so are we!)

If you are looking for something that looks great and a bit different then consider the Alloras.  They are available in black and white, vertical and horizontal.   The ones we fitted had a wifi compatible element so the customer could control them remotely.  The element power for these raditors only go up to 1200 watts so larger spaces will require more than 1 radiator to achieve a comfortable level of heat.


"Thank you both for your hard work. We love them."

CB - Bermondsey