Warm Air Unit Replacement, Sutton, Greater London

Sometimes on a cold, blustery day all you want is to feel warm and cozy.

But what if your heater hasn’t stored enough heat to make it through the day and into the evening? What then?

Do you break out extra blankets? Wear extra layers? Or, just shiver through the night?

Colin and Rosemary recently faced this situation. Their warm air unit would charge on the E7 tariff through the night and release the stored heat the next day. The problem was that their heater was expensive to run and difficult to control.

“On really cold days, the amount of stored heat wouldn’t keep the house warm for the entire evening.” Colin told us.

And Rosemary said “the unit created a lot of dust in the house”

What to do?

They researched installing a new unit and looked at a wet gas-powered system. Unfortunately, they found these to be expensive and disruptive to install; potentially forcing them to redecorate large parts of their home. So, they looked around for something that would fit within their budget and would not create a mess or the need to redecorate.

What they found was London Electric Radiators.

When asked what made a London Electric Radiator such an attractive option, Colin said, “The fact we can programme each radiator individually meant we have a totally flexible system that allows us to just have heat as and when we need it.”

“I felt the team went out of their way to give us the best system they could,” says Rosemary. “They are all experienced electricians and gave us some good ideas during the installation.”

London Electric Radiators are extremely well made and come with a 30-year guarantee. This gives our customers confidence in what they’re buying.

Our team are friendly and helpful, aiming to complete the entire installation process quickly and with minimal fuss.

Now Colin and Rosemary don’t have to put on thermal underwear just to watch TV at night. They are snug and cozy thanks to their London Electric Radiator. “We’ve already So seen impressive savings in our electric bills,” says Colin.

"We’ve already So seen impressive savings in our electric bills"

Colin J - Sutton