Thermastore High Heat Retention Storage Heaters – Sutton SM1

With rising electricity prices storage heaters are getting popular again.  They charge overnight on cheaper tariffs like Octopus GO or Agile (these storage heaters must be used with cheaper tariffs to achieve the best savings).  Thermstores only require one electrical supply unlike most HHR storage heaters including Dimplex Quantum.  You can adjust the charge time to take advantage of  cheaper tariffs.

It was nice to be close to home for this install.  Some adjustment were needed to the spurs and the circuits had to be moved from the E7 side of the consumer unit.

We also put a new Leo Chrome towel rail in the bathroom.

The newer HHR type of storage heaters like these Thermastores look much nicer and are more efficient as they don’t ‘leak’ heat like the older storage heaters.

"I’m very happy with the work you did installing the storage heaters, etc."

CH - Sutton