Dimplex Q-Rad Electric Radiators

These electric radiators offer a great solution in a system of Qrad electric radiators, as part of a system also including Quantum storage heaters or just providing supplementary heat in a cold area of your home.

An advanced electric radiator with incredible performance and stylish looks.   Convected heat for rapid warm up, radiant heat for added comfort.

Q-Rad is an intelligent, Lot 20 compliant electric radiator yet, with attractive styling to match the Quantum off-peak storage range. Q-Rad now has three customisable heating timers, each with four time and temperature settings for each day of the week. You can also temporarily adjust the heat levels manually if you prefer, to give instant heat when you need it – day and night. Switching to Q-Rad gives you complete control over your home heating, giving you adaptability and affordability with its unrivalled functionality.




Element & controls

Q-Rad has a convective element with a variable power output, as well as a radiant element. It uses one or both of these heat sources automatically to maintain an accurate room temperature. Q-Rad calculates the time needed to heat a room and the convective element begins by operating at full power. As the room approaches the target temperature, Q-Rad begins to cycle the convective element between full and reduced power output until the target temperature is reached. At this point, Q-Rad switches off the convector, thereby avoiding overheating and saving energy. To maintain the target temperature, Q-Rad then cycles the convective and radiant elements on and off as required.

For the first time, Q-rad can now be remotely controlled via the internet using the Dimplex Control smartphone app*. With Dimplex Control, you have total command of your supported Dimplex products, anytime, anywhere. The app allows you to control and configure your heaters or hot water cylinders, individually or by zone, and easily track the energy usage of each.

* Requires additional hardware, sold separately. An RFM Radio Frequency Module and a Dimplex Hub device are required for this product to connect to the Dimplex Control system and be controlled via the Dimplex Control smartphone app.

Dimensions & Power

Model Rating (W) Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Heats up to
QRAD050E 500W 546mm 513mm 105mm 5m2
QRAD075E 750W 546mm 513mm 105mm 7m2
QRAD100E 1000W 546mm 675mm 105mm 10m2
QRAD150E 1500W 546mm 756mm 105mm 15m2
QRAD200E 2000W 546mm 918mm 105mm 20m2

Availability & Lead times

3-4 Days